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My experience in the Elementary Education program at UVic

Multimedia Principles

The multimedia learning hypothesis is that people learn better from both pictures and words as opposed to just one or the other (Mayer, 2014). The chapter goes on to expand upon this and states that learning from pictures and learning… Continue Reading →

Augmented Reality

Within this week’s topic of augmented reality (AR) I looked into how AR could be used for education and I specifically wanted to find ways to bring it into the elementary classroom. I took a look at Merge and found… Continue Reading →

Topic #1 Learning, Theory and Motivation

I just finished the reading about Behaviourism, Cognitivism, and Constructivism and my brain in overwhelmed with complex information! I have been introduced to these learning theories in the Elementary Education program at UVic specifically in EDCI 303. My understanding of… Continue Reading →

Introductory post

Hello EDCI 335 friends! I have recently completed my Bachelor of Education at Uvic and will be graduating this June. I am taking this course as part of my category upgrade for teaching. I hope to teach somewhere between grades… Continue Reading →

Genius Hour assignment

I have created a lesson plan for grade 5 that uses social media in a transformative way. This lesson plan is a bonus assignment for the end of the year. Students will choose a subject area and find an educational… Continue Reading →

What does my pln say about me?

I hope that my professional social media accounts show my personality and my passion for working with kids and teaching others. I am open to trying and learning new things. In person I am friendly and welcoming and I hope… Continue Reading →

How to – professional TikTok

Professional TikTok accounts should include a description of who the person is so that their audience knows whether or not to trust the source. In their bio they might also include a link to their resources, other professional media accounts… Continue Reading →

Cyberbullying lesson plan

To create this Cyberbullying lesson plan, I combined ideas from Be a Super Digital Citizen from and Behaving Ethically Online: Ethics and Values from I then added my own teaching style, made adjustments to suit the grade 5… Continue Reading →

Tik Tok

The app TikTok was previously known as Musically and then I believe it was bought out and the name changed. TikTok is an app where users can create or view short videos. Originally users would lip sync or dance to… Continue Reading →

Learning to tweet

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